New George Foreman!

So Devon and I were gifted a new George Foreman grill for the house.  One these big ol’ babies here:

phot cred:


It even has the removable plates for easier cleaning.

I have no idea where it’s going.  Probably in a closet for most of the time.  I can’t wait to eventually have a bigger kitchen so I can leave stuff out.

But we’re so excited.  I used to have one of these several years ago and it was so hard to use and clean that I got rid of it. It looks like they’ve done a lot of improvements to make it easier to use and clean.

I think I might experiment/play with it this weekend.  We have friends coming over Saturday night (which means we usually get carry out) but I might try some chicken thighs in there on Sunday night and see if the performance has actually improved from the older models.

I love new toys.  🙂


For some reason I never realized how sick you can start to feel by not eating enough.

During the summer, I ate pretty steadily throughout the day, or I grazed, if you prefer.  I munched here and there all day.

I got back to school and my eating habits dropped, a lot.  I was super busy and running around again so much that my first real meal of the day might not have been until dinner.  I would munch here and there, but it was never really anything hearty or really a full meal.  Especially once the kids came back and I’m pretty much just a revolving door of student check-ins and introductions of new transfer students, and college check-ins, etc.  I barely gave myself time to eat.

Typical life of a school counselor.

But, my body wasn’t used to it.  Last Thursday I felt a little weird in my stomach after only managing to eat half my granola bar.  My stomach was grumbling and gurgling and I almost felt like I had heartburn or indigestion or something.  I managed to have part of a banana later which calmed it down, but (of course me being weird with stomach issues) that was all I ate until a few hours later to be “on the safe side”.

Friday was the best my stomach felt in all of this and, I later realized, the only day I ate “normally”. I had a decent breakfast, actually stopped to eat lunch and had dinner.

Saturday, again, I didn’t really eat until dinner.  I had a cinnamon roll around 11am, then had to take my cat to the vet and run other errands, so I didn’t eat again until dinner.  Dinner was a spicy baked pasta.

Big. Mistake.

Before I went to bed, I had a little heartburn and indigestion.  I took stomach meds and eventually went to bed when it felt like it was calming down.

Sunday morning, I woke up miserable.   I couldn’t tell if I nauseated or had the worst indigestion ever.  I had heartburn so bad I could barely breathe and I just felt like hell.

Obviously, I again, didn’t eat anything.  Mainly because I assumed if I put anything in my mouth I would immediately throw it up.

I mention to Devon that I feel like my insides want to explode.  He half-jokingly responds with, “clearly your stomach isn’t appreciating being back in school”.  But I’m eating less than I was before, by a lot, sometimes.   Then he gets all science teacher on me, “then that actually makes sense because the acid in your stomach isn’t getting as much to neutralize it as it did before so it’s just sort of churning around and making you feel sick…and likely only having what we had for dinner last night as your main form of food yesterday unlikely helped” (or something like that).

Because he just HAS to make sense all the time.  Damnit.

I did feel better on Thursday once I ate more.  Once I finally ate some bland food (after another hit of stomach meds; I was taking no chances here) I actually did feel better.

I also think there might have been some dehydration happening, too.  Because I was super thirsty on Saturday.  No matter how much I drank I wanted more.

I’m a mess sometimes.  I feel better now, though.  I ate normally yesterday and my stomach felt so much better.

I also don’t like when Devon is right and knows what’s wrong with me.  I mean, I do, because I’m a hypochondriac (which he knows all too well) and more often than not his logical and scientific explanations calm my crazy self.  But I don’t need him knowing he’s right so much.  That’s just un-American.


You know that moment where you just want to celebrate that it’s Friday.  But it’s only Friday morning, so you really shouldn’t celebrate yet because who knows what the hell will happen during the day, but who cares it Friday?

All about that life right now.

This first week has been insane.  My co-counselor and I have been so busy this week; which isn’t really a bad thing.  It’s not a bunch of kids freaking out; we’re just checking in from summer and meeting new students, but dear god.  Between the two of us, at one point yesterday, we each had a student in our offices and three in the waiting room.  We’ve been pretty much going non-stop since Tuesday.

It’s been really nice to catch up with some of my girls and see what they did over the summer and just checking in on their lives.  It’s also nice to not be new in a school this year, so coming back I know a lot of my students already, so while I’m introducing myself to some of the juniors who weren’t really aware that I existed (because I have 11th and 12th grade and my co-counselor has 9th and 10th grade), I don’t really have to “sell” myself so much to my whole population.  It’s nice.

Oh and because I suck at segues (or transitions for all of you not musically inclined), Devon and I bought an elliptical machine yesterday.

It’s not a huge fancy one because we don’t have room for that, but it’s a nice compact one that had great reviews on all the websites I saw.  I’ve been observing our eating habits lately, and while they have improved a lot over the past couple months, we’re still not as mobile as we need to be.  Neither of us are people that will go outside of our home to a gym to exercise, so we need to get something in the house.  My first idea was a treadmill because I’m not one to get a lot of fancy equipment, I usually just walk as my form of exercise.  I’m not into weight training or sculpting or anything like that.  I just want to drop a few more pounds and firm up and stay that way.  Devon suggested an elliptical because it’s easier on the joints (and considering I’m the one with a bad knee, probably a good idea).

There’s a nice space in our living room that it will fit in perfectly.  While a piece of exercise equipment isn’t beautiful, if it’s in our bedroom or the office, it’s likelihood of getting used is pretty slim.  In the living room, it’ll be used more consistently. And it does have wheels so we can always wheel it into our room if friends come over and we need the room.

I just got another one of those almost dancing in my chair moments remembering that it’s Friday.

Okay, I have meetings this morning and more kids to see this afternoon, so I need to calm the hell down.


Okay….I’m good now.

I think……

:Dances a jig:


So I come home Friday night and see that none of our Fios is working.  There is no phone line, internet is down and TV won’t connect.

After I sob in a corner in the fetal position; I texted Devon with the alarming “VERIZON IS DEAD!  IT’S DEAD! SO DEAD!” Even in text he couldn’t articulate actual words outside of “huh?” “what?” “why?” and “i’ll be home in 20 minutes”  At least now I know how to get him home with quickness.  He comes home and calls Verizon (just because he knows the Verizon account stuff and I don’t care enough to know it that quickly), they spend like 45 minutes on the phone and the guy is all “I can’t get a signal to your box so I have to send someone out, the soonest is Sunday morning”.

Back to fetal position.

So we haven’t had internet, TV or our landline (cause we use it so much) since whenever Friday.  The guy comes out this morning (and is super annoying but that’s a different story).  Looks around, goes outside.  About 20 minutes later comes back and goes, “….do you ever hear squirrels in the attic/on the roof?”


“Yeah, it looks like one ate through the wire that connects your box to the main line, that’s not the first time I’ve seen that in this neighborhood, there are a lot of squirrels in this neighborhood. Bad news is I can’t fix it and I have to get a contractor out here which could be about a week, good news is I can put a temporary line in to give you your service back until they come out”.

I almost cried.  And might have shed a tear when The Golden Girls reappeared on my TV.

I mean, yes, we have 1001 BluRay’s, but that isn’t TV.  And luckily we have a large data plan on our phones, but that’s not working for all the internet that well.

It also means all that blogging didn’t get done.  Some of it will happen today.

BUT THERE ARE GOOD THINGS THIS WEEK!  Three days before I get to be off for two weeks (working for a Catholic school makes Easter break/Spring Break super long), my favorite snowball stand opens again on Friday and it’s supposed to be a little warmer this week.  So yay!

AND WE SURVIVED THE GREAT OUTAGE OF 2015!  Yes, it was a great outage.  Don’t judge me.

Now I need bacon.  Please excuse me.


If these teachers in this school don’t start parking where they belong….I will riot.  They aren’t supposed to park in our little lot on the side because there are no classrooms here, ergo, they don’t need to be here.  We have a small lot on the side for non-teacher faculty and the staff which, obviously, is where I park.  There is no reason it needs to be full at 7:15am.

On the up side, I get to leave at 12:00 today.  We did a college fair on Tuesday night, which meant Terry (the other counselor) and I were here from like 7:00am-9:30pm.  Because of that she left early yesterday and I’m leaving early today because enough is enough.  So I’ll leave when I’m ready.

I also get to see my good friend Katie from college on Saturday and her cute little baby boy.  So also a yay!

I have so many drafts of blog posts on here.  Some of it is random, some of it I just feel needs to be written somewhere, a couple of them are kind of deep in nature.  But I have like, 10, drafts of things.  I need to publish some of them, I know.  There are one or two that might go forever unpublished because they’re more for me than an audience.  But we’ll see.  Maybe when I go home later I’ll work on finishing out some of them and scheduling them to post.  I also might decide to nap instead, but we’ll see how life goes here.


And no I don’t mean the neon ones from Twilight.  These vampires wear white jackets with the lettering of “Lab Corp” on them.

Dear god.

Three vials of blood drawn this morning (remember, vitamin D and iron deficient) to see where my levels are.  I HAVE LOW IRON!  So yes, I did get very lightheaded by the time they got to the third vial.  And I have tiny veins so it took them like 20 minutes to draw all three vials.  Not to mention they had to stick a needle in me twice because the one vein decided it was done after a vial and a half.

It’s been about a an hour and a half and I’m still a  little woozy. I came to work and ate and had water and an ice pack and all but my head is still a little loopy.

Why must they take so much at once?!?!?!?!

I need a nap, now.

Friday the 13th…revisited?

I don’t know, today is just weird.  Meanwhile last Friday was fine.  I don’t know.

I slightly feel a little bleh, which has a tendency to happen after ACA Conferences.  Not emotionally or anything, just physically.  They take a bit of a toll on the body, especially when you’re in 80 degrees for almost a week, then go back to 40 degrees and windy.  Not to mention the lack of sleep and the crazy schedule.  So I’m all about going home today and chilling out and resting.

We had a Social Justice Assembly this morning that was having major technical difficulties at the beginning.  My department chair, who was hosting our speaker, was freaking out because of all the issues.  We started late, but once we got it together, the speaker was amazing.  We had Donald Whitehead a homeless advocate come and speak to our girls about his struggles with addiction and homelessness and how he got to where he is as a result.  It was a really powerful presentation.

Then I come back to the millions of things I have to do.  So instead of doing it, I check Facebook really quick.  I see one of Devon’s coworkers tried to friend me.  Doesn’t sound that bad, right?  Yeah…no.  This guy is annoying.  He’s one who thinks he and Devon are BFFS meanwhile Devon has, literally, flipped him off in a faculty meeting before (don’t worry no admin was present).  He thinks Devon is just playing around with him but Devon has specifically said I don’t like you.

This guy keeps trying to get Devon and I to hang out with him and his wife (who are in their mid-40s and who have kids that are only like 10 years younger than Devon and I are, which creeps Devon out).  If Devon liked you, maybe.  But he doesn’t even like you.  You annoy ME and I don’t even KNOW you.  Why friend me on Facebook?  I don’t know him like that or want to, at this point.  He’s kinda creepy.  Not interested.  :clicks deny:

Then one of the math teachers I work with and who likes to have awkward exploratory conversations with me (ya know, the “so where did you go to school?” “what do you like to do one weekends?” “what’s your favorite flower?” random shit like that), comes in to my office after the assembly.  I leave my door open, just as an FYI.  He starts asking more questions, “How was Florida (the whole school knew where I was, so it wasn’t a secret)?” “Was the weather beautiful?” “What did you do, other than sit out by the pool?” etc.  Then during his questioning, he encounters the picture on my desk of me and Devon from our first date.  He’s all “oh….is this your husband?”  I just respond with; “almost”.  Then he asks the “oh, so you guys have been together a long time?”, “about 10 years (he doesn’t need the whole sorted story at this point)”.  He looked really uncomfortable and wound up excusing himself just as uncomfortably as he looked.  My admin assistant comes in and was like “awww, did you just break his heart? You know he liked you”.  I’m like….oi.  Why?  I’ve barely spoken to him since I arrived here, other than lunch duty.

I dunno, though.  Today is odd.  I’m ready to go home and pretend like none of this happened.  It’s too random and odd for me today.

Time Change is for Suckers

And I am one of them.

Normally, time change doesn’t affect me, at all.  But I didn’t sleep at all last night and neither did Devon.  Which is weird, because he can normally fall asleep without even trying.  I’m usually the insomniac that doesn’t fall asleep for an hour after going to bed despite being tired.

But last night was horrible.  Devon and I both wake up at abut 5:45 every morning, so we try to go to bed by 10-10:30.  We went to bed around 10:30 last night, and by 12:00 we were both still awake.  Even I’M usually sleep by 11:30 or so.  About 12:30, Devon gave up and went on his computer for awhile to read things, I was on my phone on Facebook.  I wound up dozing off for like 10 minutes and when I woke back up he was back in bed, still not asleep.

And of course I’m doing that mental math in my head; “well if I fall asleep now, I’ll still get 4 hours of sleep which is better than nothing”.  But that wasn’t helping.

By 2:30, I finally drifted off into a light sleep.  Devon was still awake.

I was awake at 4am.  He was snoring gently, so he wasn’t really sleeping that soundly.

By 5:10, we both just said screw it and got up.  We both maybe got two hours of “napping” in.  But that’s it.

And we both deal with children all day.

Hope we don’t get evil kids today.  I don’t think either of us could take it right now.  I blame the full moon more than the time difference.  Full moons are evil.


‘Nother snow day.

And it’s sunny outside.

I mean, yeah, I’d rather be in school in June when it’s warm but still.  THIS IS SCREWING WITH MY SCHEDULE SO BAD!

I need to get all the juniors registered for senior year by the time I go to Florida and this is messing with it.

On another note. ONLY 9 DAYS UNTIL ORLANDO!!

It’s going to be 75 degrees when I land next Wednesday.  It’s supposed to rain, but just rain.  No white stuff!

No need for a coat!

And on another note, my house phone has rang 4 times in the 10 minutes of writing this post. None of it numbers I know, or even local to my area or state for that matter.  It’s fun.  It makes me wonder if our phone rings this much when we aren’t home (and no I never check our Caller ID).

On the plus side, since it is sunny and 40 degrees, I’m going to go out this afternoon and get a hair cut because needed badly.  Why waste a day?

And make that phone ringing count up to 5, now.

Seriously.  No need to be this popular.

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So I’ve been trying to not do too much changing on here lately because I think I was doing too much of it initially.

One thing I did just add, however, is the Follow button on the side and on the bottom.  This way if you want to get email updates of my blog, you can just click the follow button either on the side or the bottom and you will get emails when I update.  This way it’s easier to stay up-to-date.

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