You know that moment where you just want to celebrate that it’s Friday.  But it’s only Friday morning, so you really shouldn’t celebrate yet because who knows what the hell will happen during the day, but who cares it Friday?

All about that life right now.

This first week has been insane.  My co-counselor and I have been so busy this week; which isn’t really a bad thing.  It’s not a bunch of kids freaking out; we’re just checking in from summer and meeting new students, but dear god.  Between the two of us, at one point yesterday, we each had a student in our offices and three in the waiting room.  We’ve been pretty much going non-stop since Tuesday.

It’s been really nice to catch up with some of my girls and see what they did over the summer and just checking in on their lives.  It’s also nice to not be new in a school this year, so coming back I know a lot of my students already, so while I’m introducing myself to some of the juniors who weren’t really aware that I existed (because I have 11th and 12th grade and my co-counselor has 9th and 10th grade), I don’t really have to “sell” myself so much to my whole population.  It’s nice.

Oh and because I suck at segues (or transitions for all of you not musically inclined), Devon and I bought an elliptical machine yesterday.

It’s not a huge fancy one because we don’t have room for that, but it’s a nice compact one that had great reviews on all the websites I saw.  I’ve been observing our eating habits lately, and while they have improved a lot over the past couple months, we’re still not as mobile as we need to be.  Neither of us are people that will go outside of our home to a gym to exercise, so we need to get something in the house.  My first idea was a treadmill because I’m not one to get a lot of fancy equipment, I usually just walk as my form of exercise.  I’m not into weight training or sculpting or anything like that.  I just want to drop a few more pounds and firm up and stay that way.  Devon suggested an elliptical because it’s easier on the joints (and considering I’m the one with a bad knee, probably a good idea).

There’s a nice space in our living room that it will fit in perfectly.  While a piece of exercise equipment isn’t beautiful, if it’s in our bedroom or the office, it’s likelihood of getting used is pretty slim.  In the living room, it’ll be used more consistently. And it does have wheels so we can always wheel it into our room if friends come over and we need the room.

I just got another one of those almost dancing in my chair moments remembering that it’s Friday.

Okay, I have meetings this morning and more kids to see this afternoon, so I need to calm the hell down.


Okay….I’m good now.

I think……


So I just got to interview one of Devon’s current students who wants to go to my school for high school.

It was hilarious.

She and her mother walk in and before they’ve even sat down they see the picture I have of him and I on my desk.  Mom is like “C he looks familiar, don’t you know him?”  And she’s all “OMG THAT’S MR. B! YOU KNOW HIM?!”

I couldn’t tell if she was excited or horrified for a minute.

But I’m like, “yeah, I live with him”.

“That’s crazy! He’s hilarious!  He really likes Doctor Who.”

Trust me…I know.

I also know he’s crazy.

:yawns and stretches:

So, I got home on Friday night with Burger King in tow……look, don’t judge.  It was a long week, Devon was working late (middle school Game Night on a Friday night…yup)and I totally just wanted to sit and veg in front of the couch watching lame YouTube videos (smart TV with YouTube capabilities FTW) and nom down a Whopper.  So I did.  We’re not gonna talk about the Jack Daniels I added to the diet coke I got with my meal, though.  But it was also nom.  It was so nice, tho.  I put on some comfy pants and a tshirt, and just chilled out in front of the TV for a few hours.  It was glorious.

Yesterday?  More of the same.  I slept for about 12 hours from Friday to Saturday, then I woke up, ate, watched some Roseanne, read a magazine, napped for about 30 minutes, watched Family Feud, Devon made dinner (that I ate), we did a 24 marathon then watched some Chopped and the went back to bed.  Today? Woke up, ate some waffles and bacon, watched some Orphan Black and now watching Devon kill some psychos in Borderlands.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Yeah, so I got Devon into 24.  We’re about a third into the second season.  The first season, I admit, was a little sleeper.  There needed to be back story and a lot of random shit to explain other shit.  Yeah, I know.  But it was kinda meh.  He’s all about the second season, though.  He’s not beginning to understand why he would hear me yelling at the TV in college when it came on, as he was yelling at it last night because Kim is stupid.

He, in return, is having me watch Orphan Black because, me being me, I enjoy TV that screws with your head.  Just when I think it can’t get anymore convoluted, it does and I love it.  It’s great.

It’s become customary to do a big-ish breakfast on Sunday mornings.  I do the bacon and Devon does pancakes or waffles. I heard about this man’s “Signature” waffles for years and it took me moving in with him to finally get them.  Rood.

They are really, really good, though.  This morning he was all “you should do extra bacon since I couldn’t have my Sunday morning breakfast last weekend because SOMEONE had to go to Florida”.  No extra bacon for that.  Moocher.

But yeah, awesome weekend of doing nothing.  It was just what I needed.  It would make me not wanna go back to work tomorrow if it wasn’t a Professional Development Day so it’s not like the kids will be there.  And I only have to be there from 9-2.  I mean I’ll be there until like 9pm on Tuesday, BUT WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT YET!

So……back to lounging.  Toodles.

Squishy Sappy

So I’m not the only sap.  GG Devon.

Before I left on Wednesday I left a little post-it note on Devon’s computer in our office that said “I Love You, xoxo [heart]” just because I knew his reaction to my leaving last year so I figured a little note for him to see when he got home would be nice.

He texted me a pic on Thursday, that he took it to school and put it on his computer monitor in his classroom and was like “I can see this little reminder being more useful here at school than at home”.  Well, the way his room is set up (he’s in one of the science labs, he is a 7th grade biology teacher, after all) his computer faces the kids when they are in there.  One of them came up to his desk yesterday and saw the post it and tried to be….well…tried to be a seventh grader and went….”ooooooo Mr. B, kissy face, he has a love note on his computer!”  Devon of course responds with a smart-alecky comment which shuts the kid up immediately.  I started laughing too much to remember what he said.

It’s cute, though.  He has his sappy moments, too.  He has the same picture of us on his desk that I do of us and this same kid who made the “kissy face” comment also noted earlier in the year, “whoa, Mr. B, you have a white girlfriend, you livin’ the dream man, that’s wassup!”.  Devon’s like….”yup and you never will”.  Teenagers.  Gotta love them.

And then he emails me this, this morning:


He’s cute, sometimes, I admit.  He’s not cute when he leaves dishes in the sink for a day for no reason.  But still, sometimes, he is cute.  Like when he does this.  Almost two years later, it’s still cute.

He’s such a goober.

Sad sacks

Last night, Devon and I looked like a truck ran over us both.

I ran the hell home after school because I was so tired I could barely see straight.  I was fine, initially, then made the mistake of laying down while watching TV and fell asleep around 5:15.  I have an alarm on my phone that goes off at 6pm for my “medication” (AKA birth control) that went off so I turned that off, looked over and saw Devon’s eyes were closed, too, and apparently drifted off.

Devon nudged me around 6:50 and was like, “wake the hell up for dinner”.  He claims he fell asleep because I was asleep and he got bored.  But Devon doesn’t nap.  He hates it.  It usually makes him grumpy/grouchy and he just doesn’t unless his body forces him.  So if he fell asleep, it’s because he was tired.  Not because he was bored.

So we get up and start doing dinner things.  Neither of us is conscious enough to talk, so we basically communicate in shoulder tapping and pointing.  It was so bad.  But I got lucky in terms of dinner last night because mine was already made for me because Devon’s Gramma loves me.  Devon went over there for dinner while I was gone and she was apparently heartbroken, literally, that I wasn’t there (to the point that he’s getting jealous because I’m getting “too close” to favorite status with Gramma and that I might surpass him, which won’t happen; he’ll always be her baby that always took his diaper off and ran around the house because he hated wearing them).  So she made some of the dinner for Devon to bring home to me.  So I had a big ol’ meal of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.  It was delicious.  So, thank you, Gramma.

And when I went to sleep last night, I had the weirdest dream, ever.  Devon made an appointment with my doctor for, I don’t even know, a check up, I guess.  He wanted me to go with him.  But instead of us going together, i was meeting him there.  On the way there, I stop at some…store and leave my car right outside, as opposed to parking in an actual spot.  When I get back in, there is someone else in the driver’s seat, and I’m apparently fine with this, as I don’t question it.  They start driving and suddenly, I’m like being abducted or something and I don’t know where I’m going and all this weirdness.  I try to text Devon and they throw my phone out the window.  And…I…don’t know. I’m sure there’s some huge psychological explanation about control or something that would explain this, but I don’t know.  It was just weird.

I do look forward to going home and going to sleep again, hopefully to less odd dreams, though.  That would be nice.

OH! And we have cake here today.  It’s one of the admission ladies birthdays.  So we have cake.  So I’m excited.

Sleep and cake.  That’s my day for today.

But there’s nothing like being together…

So I’m home.  I got in about 1:30 yesterday, after Devon got lost at the airport, we wound up getting home around 2:30.  So not too bad.  The flight was rather hellacious because it did not need to be as turbulent as it was.  And admittedly, I’m not the best flyer in the world so the whole time I’m going, “I don’t wanna die nor do I want to lose my lunch on this airplane”.  But we landed, somewhat eventfully and I booked it off that plane.

Got home and immediately went and sprawled out on the couch.  I’m like forget unpacking, looking at the mail, whatever.  I just want to lay on the sofa for a few minutes.  A few minutes turned into most of the rest of the day, but I was tired.  I haven’t really unpacked yet or anything like that.  I uploaded some of the pictures to my Facebook and I’ll put some up here eventually, too.

But, it was really nice being back together.  It was just relaxing and comforting.  We ordered in dinner from a local place, caught up on the DVR that he wasn’t “allowed” to watch until I got home and just hung out.

I also got him a present at the conference, that I gave him last night.  I thought it was amazing and absolutely perfect.  I’m not sure he had necessarily the same reaction…..but…..


I mean…come on….it’s perfect.  My friends were saying that he needs to wear it when he proposes.  I think it’s an awesome idea.  He looked at me like I was crazy, but did actually agree to wear it in public!  YAY!

Sleeping in my own bed was so nice, too.  Devon clearly just slept dead center of the bed, as evidence by his pillow placement.  Poor thing, he had to share again.  He’ll be fine.  I’m sure he got over it.

I really need to get on this whole unpacking thing when I get home today, though.  I can’t find things and I don’t like it.  But unpacking is so much work, though.


Florida, Part…..3?

I think this is the third time I’ve posted from Florida.  

But it’s almost over. I go home tomorrow. Yay!  It’s been so much fun as it always is and I can’t wait for Montreal next year. 

I still miss Devon but not as terribly as I did Wednesday. 

This is the first ime he and I have spent this much time apart since we moved in and there’s an adjustment to being around each other all the time and suddenly the other person is just gone.  So I asked him a question last night with yesterday being the sort of midpoint of my time away and I told him to be honest with me as he always is. I asked him, “ignoring how crass this may sound, how much are you enjoying/not enjoying the fact that I’m not home?”  

I can’t synopsize his response so I’m just going to c&p his response: 

“I’m naturally a solitary guy, so on that level, it’s nice to have a little bit of alone time.  But there’s very obviously something very prominent missing, and it’s very apparent in my mood the last few days.  Haven’t been the most tolerant or zen lately.  So mentally, it’s nice.  Emotionally and spiritually, notsomuch.  Which is as it should be.  I mean, it’s nice to spend some time apart.  And we should both enjoy it.  But there’s nothing like being together.” 

That made me happy. 

As much as I missed him on Wednesday, it got easier as time went on.  There’s part of me that is fine being here on my own and there’s part that misses him like crazy.  I love being here but I can’t wait to come home.  Which is how it should be.  We both always admit that we always feel at our best when we are together and even though we might both be slightly distracted or off our game apart, we can still exist individually.   For me that is so important. Because I go to thee conferences every year and I’m not going to stop just because I live with him. These conferences as amazing for me every year, they’re rejuvenating and informative and fun. Counseling is hard so it’s nice to have a few days to chill out. And I love the people I see and come here with. They’re a different branch of my family and I adore this time I get with them because I love them so much. 

But I’m a nurturer, I like and needed to know that Devon is okay when I’m gone. Last year he wasn’t at all. The first night he was almost begging for me to come home. And it really set a tone for the rest of my vacation because part of my heart felt broken because he was so out of it at home and it affected me. I don’t want him to have that every year. And it’s nice to know that he’s fine at home (with maya).  He misses me, but he’s okay. Just like I miss him, but I’m okay. That’s perfect to me.  

Now I’m going to my last parties of the year and I fly home tomorrow morning, back to my Devon as we have much catching up to do.  I can’t wait to do it all over again next year in Montreal! 

Florida, woohoo!!

So, it is so gorgeous here.  Yes, I still miss Devon and am a little homesick, but I’m making the most of my time away and my vacation and enjoying being here instead of moping a little like I was last night 

Plus, all of my friends are here now so I have tons of distractions. So yay! 

So I went around the property and hung out by the pool and got a little sun before my meetings today. This place is GINORMOUS!  I overheard someone say that it’s 3 million square feet kind of big. That’s ridiculous.  I mean it’s gorgeous here but holy hell it’s huge. 

My two really good friends, Jess and Shana arrived around noon while I was in my meeting so I was super excited.    This conference never “officially” opens until 4:00pm on Thursdays even though stuff happens before that.  This year they had a cool marching band before the opening and the ribbon cutting and everything. It’s just a fun spectacle.  I met up with Jess and Shana (and If course Shana’s mom, aka my other mentor, aka one of the best grad school teachers ever, aka my other mother). 

Best part of expo opening, they had free flowing champagne!  They’ve never done that before but I was super excited!  What could be better than walking around with an awesome friend (Shana and her mom were pulled away by others), getting some free counseling swag and sipping some champagne? 


Yeah so we downed the bubbly, bid adieu for the moment and Jess and I hit up Red Lobster because you can’t be in Florida and not eat seafood. I think it’s against Florida law or something.  It was delicious. I ate too much. I’m pretty sure that’s going to be an overarching theme for this weekend is me eating too much. 

Oh and I almost forgot. I got Devon the best souvenir, ever. I mean, there is no better gift you could get for the boyfriend/spouse/SO of a counselor. 

Is that not the best present ever?  Jess got one for her husband, too. We’re trying to see if we can get the boys to wear them together like out to dinner with us one night.  We doubt it, but we can try. 

I’m so excited to give it to him.  He’s scared because he knows I have something for him but I won’t tell him what. Yay! 

But anyway, tomorrow is a long day, always is. But it’s a fun day too.  So I need sleep.  


Florida, baby! 

I’m here!  I made it to sunny and got Florida!  Yay! 

Flight wasn’t bad at all (especially compared to the sixteen hour flight to Hawaii last year) and it was sunny and got when I got here. Love it. 

The Hyatt is beautiful. All the conference activities as here, too. So it’s making it really easy for me to never have to leave the building. BUT, there is a Dave and Busters across the street….and Disney World. So yeah, I’ll be leaving. Plus it’s gorgeous outside. 

I do have to admit though and most of you will either roll your eyes or want to gag, but:

I do miss Devon already. I can’t help it. We’ve been together every day since we moved in together. 

He messaged me a little while ago and was pretty much, “yeah I was fine until I was home and doing things and you weren’t here with me, then it got weird.”  So the missing is mutual. 

It’s nice that for the first time, I can’t wait to go home. Devon’s picking me up at the airport so I don’t even have to wait for the drive home before I can see my Devon again.  I even brought this little pillow he got me recently (not for Valentines day, according to him) because it’s cute and I can snuggle with it later. 

Yeah, I’m a sap. It happened. Deal. 

This man tried to cut a lock of my hair last night so that he could keep it with him while I was gone. SO ITS NOT JUST ME, DAMNIT! 

But other than that. Orlando is beautiful. One of my mentors and I went to eat when I landed because u hadn’t eaten all day. Italian food is the best thing ever. No matter what time of the day, what occasion, doesn’t matter. I’m an Italian in a Jews body. 

But I’m ready to collapse. Traveling is tiring, I did a ton of walking once I landed and I’ve unpacked so I’m so tired. My room is gorgeous, I’ll share some pictures of everything tomorrow. But I’m gonna chill out, watch some tv, talk to my Devon until we mutually fall asleep separately (haven’t done that in awhile) and pass out. 

Peace out from Orlando! 

The Big 3-0

Yup, I woke up with a 30 year old man this morning.

Can you believe this cute little face is now 30?

little devon

Them jeans, though.   Well, in all fairness, it was 1992.

But yeah.  Devon’s 30 today.  A whole new decade.

It seems a little odd.  I mean, we met I was 18, he was 19.  I vaguely remember his 20th birthday, but I definitely didn’t think I’d be living with him for his 30th.  I didn’t even think I’d still be associated with him by his 30th (we weren’t that “fond” of each other when we first met).

He’s not big on his birthday, he never has been, it’s just his way.  So while some people do huge parties or whatever to ring in the day, we’re doing things quietly today.  Besides, we’re on snow day number two of the week (yep, got another near foot of snow this week), so he got a birthday gift of a day off from work.  I’m going to take him out to dinner tomorrow for his birthday because I’d rather let Mother Nature clean up some of her own mess before I try.  It’s bright and sunny today and a lot of melting has already happened.  So I’ll let that work.  His best guy friend is coming down next weekend while I’m away and they can do their thing then.

But, my Devon is 30.  Luckily, I still have a year and a half before I join him in the new decade.  For now, I just keep calling him “old man”, to which he calls me a “Grave robber”.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.  🙂