About Me

Hello random viewer:

So, I’m Stephanie, a late 20-something woman living in a Baltimore suburb with an also late 20-something (read: 3 months shy of 30) guy named Devon and my cute old little girl cat named Maya. He’s a 7th grade science teacher and I’m, currently, an elementary school counselor (which is a story for a later date). Two educators living in the same house? Just this alone makes for a multitude of stories on a daily basis. I can’t even begin to tell you.

Why a blog, though? I dunno, mainly because I’m a nostalgic and I like the thought of being able to have something concrete to look back on. Something for our families to keep up with since we don’t live as close to our families as we used to. I also like talking a lot, so there’s that. Blogging is a good outlet for people who like to talk randomly about their lives and I do.

What will you find here? Randomness. Sarcasm. Pinterest experiments. Educator ramblings. Cat pics. Life events. Wedding planning deets, eventually (yeah that’s happening). Irreverence. Things I find funny. Whatever my little heart desires.

So I hope you enjoy your visit and maybe have a chuckle or find a good idea along the journey.

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