No more Faculty Meetings, please?

All of my readers who are educators understand when I say that I’m so happy this is the last day of work this week.

The first week for faculty is almost always so much more tiring than the actual first week of school.

At least with the first week of school, I get to see the kids, see how their summer was, get back into my routine, etc.

This week?

I’m spending 5 hours a day in faculty meetings and trainings (half of which don’t even apply to me because I’m not a teacher but I’m required to go anyway).

This cat is my life right now:

black cat

We all walked in at 9am on Monday and went straight into a 3 hour faculty meeting on updates and changes for this year. Our principal had to take an “unplanned” break around 10:30 for 10 minutes because it looked like most of us were falling asleep.  We were.  It’s not the most exciting material anyway and it’s hot as hell in our faculty room, so a lot of us looked dazed.

Then yesterday, we have an hours long in-service on our new fully electronic grading and portal system.  The person “teaching” it to us was doing it over a conference call while our Registrar was doing the actions she was saying on the projector.  I…like…can’t.  I don’t even grade things!!  I don’t need to know where you go to calculate the mean of an assignment or where to put comments and things, it doesn’t apply to me.  We never even got to the portal because so many people were so confused by the grading system.  The portal is really the only thing that would have interested me.

I left that meeting a little over two hours in.  I left my stuff on the table to make it look like I was coming back.  But I went to my office and laid out on our couch that we have in the waiting area.  Our secretary, Donna, laughed at me.  She’s like, “you look like someone’s been forcing your eyes open for the past hour”.


It was so painful.

But today is the last day of our week this week.  I work for a Catholic school so the majority of the faculty is going to Convocation this morning (which is essentially a three hour prayer service and where they hand out the awards to those that have been employed for, ya know, 10 years, 20 years, etc).  I’m not going.  I still have too much to do because I have sat through so many meetings.  My co-counselor isn’t going either.  So we’re going in and working this morning and heading out when we’re done.

Devon and I decided we’re celebrating our survival of faculty week.  He says last night, “I’ll let you decide; do we go out to dinner or do breakfast for dinner?”  I’m like….both?  There is tomorrow night, too!

So we’re going out to dinner tonight and going to see a movie.  Pancakes for dinner tomorrow night?  Yes, please!

But for now?  Bulletin board decorating and scheduling!!


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