You know that moment where you just want to celebrate that it’s Friday.  But it’s only Friday morning, so you really shouldn’t celebrate yet because who knows what the hell will happen during the day, but who cares it Friday?

All about that life right now.

This first week has been insane.  My co-counselor and I have been so busy this week; which isn’t really a bad thing.  It’s not a bunch of kids freaking out; we’re just checking in from summer and meeting new students, but dear god.  Between the two of us, at one point yesterday, we each had a student in our offices and three in the waiting room.  We’ve been pretty much going non-stop since Tuesday.

It’s been really nice to catch up with some of my girls and see what they did over the summer and just checking in on their lives.  It’s also nice to not be new in a school this year, so coming back I know a lot of my students already, so while I’m introducing myself to some of the juniors who weren’t really aware that I existed (because I have 11th and 12th grade and my co-counselor has 9th and 10th grade), I don’t really have to “sell” myself so much to my whole population.  It’s nice.

Oh and because I suck at segues (or transitions for all of you not musically inclined), Devon and I bought an elliptical machine yesterday.

It’s not a huge fancy one because we don’t have room for that, but it’s a nice compact one that had great reviews on all the websites I saw.  I’ve been observing our eating habits lately, and while they have improved a lot over the past couple months, we’re still not as mobile as we need to be.  Neither of us are people that will go outside of our home to a gym to exercise, so we need to get something in the house.  My first idea was a treadmill because I’m not one to get a lot of fancy equipment, I usually just walk as my form of exercise.  I’m not into weight training or sculpting or anything like that.  I just want to drop a few more pounds and firm up and stay that way.  Devon suggested an elliptical because it’s easier on the joints (and considering I’m the one with a bad knee, probably a good idea).

There’s a nice space in our living room that it will fit in perfectly.  While a piece of exercise equipment isn’t beautiful, if it’s in our bedroom or the office, it’s likelihood of getting used is pretty slim.  In the living room, it’ll be used more consistently. And it does have wheels so we can always wheel it into our room if friends come over and we need the room.

I just got another one of those almost dancing in my chair moments remembering that it’s Friday.

Okay, I have meetings this morning and more kids to see this afternoon, so I need to calm the hell down.


Okay….I’m good now.

I think……

No more Faculty Meetings, please?

All of my readers who are educators understand when I say that I’m so happy this is the last day of work this week.

The first week for faculty is almost always so much more tiring than the actual first week of school.

At least with the first week of school, I get to see the kids, see how their summer was, get back into my routine, etc.

This week?

I’m spending 5 hours a day in faculty meetings and trainings (half of which don’t even apply to me because I’m not a teacher but I’m required to go anyway).

This cat is my life right now:

black cat

We all walked in at 9am on Monday and went straight into a 3 hour faculty meeting on updates and changes for this year. Our principal had to take an “unplanned” break around 10:30 for 10 minutes because it looked like most of us were falling asleep.  We were.  It’s not the most exciting material anyway and it’s hot as hell in our faculty room, so a lot of us looked dazed.

Then yesterday, we have an hours long in-service on our new fully electronic grading and portal system.  The person “teaching” it to us was doing it over a conference call while our Registrar was doing the actions she was saying on the projector.  I…like…can’t.  I don’t even grade things!!  I don’t need to know where you go to calculate the mean of an assignment or where to put comments and things, it doesn’t apply to me.  We never even got to the portal because so many people were so confused by the grading system.  The portal is really the only thing that would have interested me.

I left that meeting a little over two hours in.  I left my stuff on the table to make it look like I was coming back.  But I went to my office and laid out on our couch that we have in the waiting area.  Our secretary, Donna, laughed at me.  She’s like, “you look like someone’s been forcing your eyes open for the past hour”.


It was so painful.

But today is the last day of our week this week.  I work for a Catholic school so the majority of the faculty is going to Convocation this morning (which is essentially a three hour prayer service and where they hand out the awards to those that have been employed for, ya know, 10 years, 20 years, etc).  I’m not going.  I still have too much to do because I have sat through so many meetings.  My co-counselor isn’t going either.  So we’re going in and working this morning and heading out when we’re done.

Devon and I decided we’re celebrating our survival of faculty week.  He says last night, “I’ll let you decide; do we go out to dinner or do breakfast for dinner?”  I’m like….both?  There is tomorrow night, too!

So we’re going out to dinner tonight and going to see a movie.  Pancakes for dinner tomorrow night?  Yes, please!

But for now?  Bulletin board decorating and scheduling!!


My Birthday = Unofficial End to Summer

I turned 29 this past weekend!!!  YAY!!!!!

Depending on who you are this is either my last fun birthday ever or the first awesome birthday I will ever have.

I have the friends that feel that turning 30 is the end of all life and friends who have said that turning 30 has been the best thing ever.  Turning 30 next year doesn’t bother me. I’m not a “party girl” and never have been so I don’t feel like turning 30 is like the end of my life or anything the way some do.  I’m very happy in my life the way it is, I don’t see that changing just because my numerical age changes.

On the other hand, I love my birthday gift, though.


I have an unnatural love of Alfred Hitchcock movies.  And to get my favorites in one collection made me giddy.

I’m randomly nerdy.  Get over it.

But now that my birthday has passed, it also means school is coming.  This is my (and Devon’s) last week of summer vacation.  We both have to go back to work next Monday and our students come back on the 24th.

I have sooooo much to do already.  It’s insane.  Part of me feels like I should go in one day this week but….vacation, no. And I was there two days last week.

But I have about 15 things on my to-do list in addition to the numerous professional development meetings I have to go to next week.  It will be long.

I want to do some shopping this week.  It’s tax-free week in Maryland and I got a ton of birthday offers so I want to try and use some of them and take advantage of no sales tax at the same time.  Devon and I are going to head up to Towson Town Mall on Friday. Back in the day when we both lived like 15 minutes from it, it wasn’t that big of a deal.  Now that we’re almost an hour away, it actually requires planning on our part to go up there.  So, we’ll go up there, see some of Devon’s ex co-workers (he worked at the Macys there for like five years after college/while he was getting his Masters), I’ll get my hair trimmed, do some shopping, and just make a day of it. It’s like our summer swan song.

That’s depressing.

Again, I do love my job, but it’s been nice to just kind of hang out for the past few weeks and not have to be up and running somewhere all the time.

It’s going to be a good school year for my school, though.  A lot of changes were made (good changes) and we are packed with events and guests coming to our school this year.  So I am going to be immensely busy, really soon.

I think I need to enjoy this last week of relaxation as much as possible.  I will need my strength for this upcoming school year.