New Page/Blog!

Sooooo…yeah…I decided I wanted more control (shocking I know) over my page, so I bought my site.

This means The wordpress is gone from my site.

My new site is just  If you follow me here, re-follow me over there.  I am in the process of migrating everything and will eventually just re-direct this page to that one.  But anyone who has done this, knows this process takes a couple days so I wanted to give everyone the chance to just go ahead and change over on your own.

But, I’m super excited.  All of my blogs are already over there, but I’m re-adding everything else now.

So…re-follow, please!  🙂

Spring Cleaning Part 3: The Kitchen

So, yes, I did wimp out and not do my dining room.

My kitchen took me four hours, though!  FOUR HOURS!

It’s partially just because I’m kind of anal about my kitchen.  I like when it looks a certain way and the clutteryness (I know that’s not a word) of it recently has been driving me crazy.  And we had stuff in our pantry from like when we moved in, or things that Devon swore he was going to eat but hadn’t.  And it was just…bad.  So I finally just said, “screw it” and got rid of it all.

So I, admittedly, let my kitchen go in the past few days because I knew I was going to deep clean it this week, so I was just kind of “meh” about it.  So some of our before pics are gonna be like “OMG, you’re hoarders!”.  No.  It just hadn’t been organized in awhile.  Although I did have a box of giveaways to our local pantry and a bag of expired things after cleaning out everything.  So, it is nice to be able to give stuff to people that need it and it always feels good to purge.   Continue reading

Aching Legs


I did soooooo much walking yesterday.  Dear lord.  I haven’t walked that much or that fast in awhile.

Don’t get me wrong, it was good, I needed to do it, but damn my legs were sore all night last night after.  They’re still a little sore.

E and I had such a great time, though.  They’ve changed that place around a little since the last time we were there. But they didn’t change Charming Charlie!  Seriously, the amount of time we spent in there is almost embarassing.  Almost. They were having the best sales, ever.  I was so excited.  I got this cute little initial necklace (though in silver because gold is bad) in “D” and “S”, obviously both are for me because I don’t think it’ll fit well on Devon.  But they were $3.99 each! They’re so cute.  I got a few other things, too, but it was just fun to hang out and spend some time with a friend that I haven’t seen in awhile.  I saw her dress and some stuff from her ceremony.  It’s going to be such a beautiful wedding and she’s going to look gorgeous. I’m excited for her wedding, it’s gonna be so much fun!

So, I had some fun yesterday.  Today is Spring Cleaning Part Three! (Technically the bathroom was part two, but you didn’t see that), which will be my Kitchen and maybe my dining room, as well, depending on whether or not I feel like doing both. These two rooms are probably my most disorganized (and connected which is why I might just do them both together) because we use them the most and they have the most traffic because they’re essentially centrally located in our house. And my cat eats in there and all that so there’s always some kind of mess to clean up and whatnot.  Not to mention, there’s not a ton of storage in my kitchen, which is unfortunate.  And I love my kitchen, I really do, but it’s a little small and not very good for storage.  So I’m actually going to go out before I clean it out and grab a couple organizers to see if I can hide and straighten some of the cluttery stuff.

This one I will share pics of, because, yes I love my little kitchen and I like showing it off.  So, I know it’s early on my vacation, but I’m up, I’m awake, I’m gonna go eat some breakfast and get dressed and do a little shopping and get my kitchen all sparkly.  Yay!!!

Couple new things.

So in addition to cleaning my bathroom (yes, I did it), I also cleaned up around here.

The new layout made a couple things stick out like a sore thumb and I wasn’t a huge fan of that. I didn’t change much, just changed positions of a couple pages, added a few buttons, and also added a couple pages.

At the end of the day, I’m a counselor. And I feel that privacy is important. Yes, I realize I’m hosting a blog that opens up my life to the internet. But there is still privacy, and I feel that people who read this should be able to contact me privately. So I have a contact form and my email listed on a new contact page. Obviously, you can still comment on posts, but this way people feel free to comment or ask a question out of the eyes of anyone who opens this page.

In relation, I also created a privacy policy to state what I can share and what I can’t. Again, counselor thing. I don’t like when there are questions of disclosure or privacy so I wanted everything spelled out.

No, not the most glamorous of updates, but I want this to be a safe space for me and anyone who wishes to interact with me.

I’m a counselor.  I can’t explain it any other way.


stark shopping memeI dunno if I spelled that right.

But one of my good friends and I are going on a shopping “spree” tomorrow.  I say “spree” because we’re both generally level-headed where money is concerned and not likely to splurge out a ton of money just because.  And in all honesty, I don’t shop NEARLY like I did when I was just out of college.  I can’t remember when the last time was I went to a mall and didn’t just go in to buy more foundation at Sephora and leave.  I generally do most of my shopping online.

But tomorrow, E and I are going to Westfield Annapolis, which is huge.  She and I used to have shopping dates there often back in the days before we had relationships and careers (it makes it seem like a decade when I say it that way as opposed to just like…3 years ago).  It was just a fun place to hang out and walk around because it’s huge.

Plus, it has Charming Charlie.  I don’t know of any other mall anywhere remotely close to me, that has Charming Charlie.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s this really amazing store that sells mostly accessories and some apparel and shoe items.  it’s ridiculously huge.  I think E and I have spent almost two hours in there before.  They arrange their store by color, so if you’re looking for a green scarf, like this cute and fun green zebra scarf, there is a whole section of green things to find it in. Most of their accessories have a bit of whimsy to them and they have great prices on everything.  I haven’t been there in forever and am so excited to go back.

Plus, I get to see one of my really good friends.  We talk a lot but life happens and we don’t see each other as much as we used to.  We’re both school counselors (who met while pursuing our school counseling degrees), so we get each other’s schedules.  But it’ll be nice to sit, shop, have lunch, talk about school, life, her upcoming wedding this summer (which I’m so excited for) and just whatever else we choose.

Tomorrow will be my reward for deep cleaning our bathroom today because I hate cleaning the bathroom, I always have. There likely won’t be pictures for it, like the office, because…it’s a bathroom.  It’s not that amazing or fun or spectacular or whatever.  I just have to remember, Charming Charlie is at the end of tomorrow and hopefully that will help.

Spring Cleaning Part 1: The Office

Initially, I was planning to just devote one day to Spring Cleaning the house, but then I remembered who I was.

There is nothing in me that is going to want to stay home and clean all day.  Nothing.  And generally, our house is pretty clean, it’s just a little disorganized and cluttered, which most people usually affectionately refer to as “lived in”.  So instead of killing myself in one day, I decided to do a room a day and start today with the office.  This way I have Devon home to say “do you really need to keep this” to and he can claim why he has to keep it in his life.

But, as the rest of the house, the office wasn’t that bad.  Just disorganized.  Our office is a conglomeration (as most people who actually have an office can probably be attest to that being normal), it has our officey stuff (obviously) and some shelves that I’d never hung, but there is also Christmas stuff stored there, some of Devon’s wardrobe in the closet and it’s our laundry throw-all, which annoys me.  I avoided taking a picture of it because it’s annoying.

I mean, I’m happy that we actually have a unit that has a washer/dryer in it, so I don’t want to make it sound like I’m complaining.  But it’s in the kitchen.  So there isn’t a set laundry area which I long for.  And our office has the most “unused” space, so it just wound up there.

Though, I finally took one for the team and bought this, Household Essentials Rolling Quad Sorter Laundry Hamper with Natural Polyester Bags, Antique Bronze Frame.  Its nice.  It has four compartments, the bags lift out so you can just take a bag to the washer and wash the bags themselves, it has wheels so we can move it around when it is in the way, and it’s big enough for the both of us (because we both hate doing laundry and are guilty of not doing it for a couple weeks if we can avoid it).  So I’m looking forward to that coming.  I’m old.  I’m looking forward to getting a laundry hamper.  Oy.

So I spent a couple hours in there just straightening, hanging shelves, dusted, vacuumed, and all that good stuff.  I’m pretty happy with how it looks now.  I took a couple pictures, just for funsies.

Continue reading

Ooooo, I hate that rabbit….


Oh, sorry.  I was just watching Looney Toons.


Cause Spring Break.

Don’t hate.

I do have some plans for Spring Break, but not a ton.  Like we did go out yesterday.  I saw my derm and Devon and I went to visit a couple of his old co-workers and went to dinner.  We’re going to Devon’s Aunt’s for Easter and I have random plans with some friends once Devon goes back to school on Tuesday.

I also plan on spending some time spring cleaning the house.  It needs it.  It’s generally clean, just a little disorganized and cluttery.  I also do have a little work to do that I brought home with me.  But nothing crazy.

So my doctor told me that my iron level did go up some (I was reading the blood work wrong) but it still needs help.  My general doctor told me to try Vitrol-C which is easy on the stomach and has extra Vitamin C to aid in absorption but my derm told me to keep going with just the leafy greens and iron-rich foods.  She wants bloodwork again in 6 months, just for iron to see how it’s doing.  If it’s still low, then start the supplements.

I like the derm’s plan better so we’ll go with that.  She did also really like the progress my hair is making so she told me to follow-up in a year.  YAY!

On that note, I’m gonna go back to Looney Toons now.


Iron Man Needs to Share.

Because I need iron.

So after the vampires had their way with me last week, I forgot that technology exists and I’d likely be able to check my blood results online. So I finally checked that last night.  Go me.

Lipid Panel/Cholesterol is normal, Metabolic panel is normal, Blood Sugar is normal, Thyroid is normal (whew), my VITAMIN D LEVEL IS COMFORTABLY IN THE NORMAL RANGE!! YAY!!!!

My iron, though?  Still low as shit.

I mean, I guess yay that it hasn’t gone down any further?  But it’s not come up either.  All my iron levels scream iron deficient or anemia.  I have no symptoms of anemia.  I’m not always tired, cold, weak, dizzy, etc.  So Iron Deficiency is awesome.

I’m still refusing iron pills at the moment though.  I’ve heard too many weird stories about what they can do to your stomach. My mother took them when I was younger and almost had to go to the hospital because her stomach hurt so bad.  I’m still not abotu that life.

So I see my regular doctor for an annual check up tonight and my derm tomorrow.  I’m grateful that a lot of my hair has returned and probably will continue if everything remains normal.  I just don’t know what is up with the iron deficiency.  I’m going to talk to both ladies (yup, both women) and see what I can do.  Maybe I just need to start cooking everything I make in a cast iron pot or something.  I don’t know.  But I would do that before taking iron supplements.

Devon’s going with me to my derm appointment tomorrow.  Mainly because it’s in Timonium and I don’t see a point to going 45 minutes away for a 30 minute appointment and then just going straight home.  So we’re going to go visit his old place of employment (Macys) and see some of his people and have dinner while we’re out there.  Maybe I’ll just eat all the spinach.  Of course then, I’ll likely get kidney stones.


I guess I should start shopping Amazon for a good cast iron pan.  I’m not taking iron pills.  I’m just not doing that yet.