New Layout

So, I was really good and didn’t do anything cosmetic to my blog in awhile.

But I genuinely grew to hate the background so I had to change it.

I just wanted something simple and clean and easy to use.  Blogs can get so cluttered by too many colors and too many things that I just wanted something….”plain”.

This layout is cute and easy and keeps your eye on the text where it belongs.  I might play around with a couple other things later but I like this layout a lot better.

So yes, you are still in the right spot.  It just got a facelift.  Nothing else too crazy.

Arya being on Doctor Who is still pretty crazy though.  And awesome.

No, I’m not over that yet.

Doctor Who Meets Game of Thrones

Oh no……

Arya Stark is going to be on Doctor Who.  



I can’t deal.

Arya is my favorite ever.  I don’t care that she looks about 25 playing a 12 year old.



Tennant…….my Tennant……the only Brit I would leave Devon for (I don’t care that he’s married; hell Devon would leave ME for HIM).  Tennant and Arya (yes I know her real name, but she’s Arya to me)……dear god….

My head would explode.



So I just got to interview one of Devon’s current students who wants to go to my school for high school.

It was hilarious.

She and her mother walk in and before they’ve even sat down they see the picture I have of him and I on my desk.  Mom is like “C he looks familiar, don’t you know him?”  And she’s all “OMG THAT’S MR. B! YOU KNOW HIM?!”

I couldn’t tell if she was excited or horrified for a minute.

But I’m like, “yeah, I live with him”.

“That’s crazy! He’s hilarious!  He really likes Doctor Who.”

Trust me…I know.

I also know he’s crazy.