But there’s nothing like being together…

So I’m home.  I got in about 1:30 yesterday, after Devon got lost at the airport, we wound up getting home around 2:30.  So not too bad.  The flight was rather hellacious because it did not need to be as turbulent as it was.  And admittedly, I’m not the best flyer in the world so the whole time I’m going, “I don’t wanna die nor do I want to lose my lunch on this airplane”.  But we landed, somewhat eventfully and I booked it off that plane.

Got home and immediately went and sprawled out on the couch.  I’m like forget unpacking, looking at the mail, whatever.  I just want to lay on the sofa for a few minutes.  A few minutes turned into most of the rest of the day, but I was tired.  I haven’t really unpacked yet or anything like that.  I uploaded some of the pictures to my Facebook and I’ll put some up here eventually, too.

But, it was really nice being back together.  It was just relaxing and comforting.  We ordered in dinner from a local place, caught up on the DVR that he wasn’t “allowed” to watch until I got home and just hung out.

I also got him a present at the conference, that I gave him last night.  I thought it was amazing and absolutely perfect.  I’m not sure he had necessarily the same reaction…..but…..


I mean…come on….it’s perfect.  My friends were saying that he needs to wear it when he proposes.  I think it’s an awesome idea.  He looked at me like I was crazy, but did actually agree to wear it in public!  YAY!

Sleeping in my own bed was so nice, too.  Devon clearly just slept dead center of the bed, as evidence by his pillow placement.  Poor thing, he had to share again.  He’ll be fine.  I’m sure he got over it.

I really need to get on this whole unpacking thing when I get home today, though.  I can’t find things and I don’t like it.  But unpacking is so much work, though.


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