Florida, woohoo!!

So, it is so gorgeous here.  Yes, I still miss Devon and am a little homesick, but I’m making the most of my time away and my vacation and enjoying being here instead of moping a little like I was last night 

Plus, all of my friends are here now so I have tons of distractions. So yay! 

So I went around the property and hung out by the pool and got a little sun before my meetings today. This place is GINORMOUS!  I overheard someone say that it’s 3 million square feet kind of big. That’s ridiculous.  I mean it’s gorgeous here but holy hell it’s huge. 

My two really good friends, Jess and Shana arrived around noon while I was in my meeting so I was super excited.    This conference never “officially” opens until 4:00pm on Thursdays even though stuff happens before that.  This year they had a cool marching band before the opening and the ribbon cutting and everything. It’s just a fun spectacle.  I met up with Jess and Shana (and If course Shana’s mom, aka my other mentor, aka one of the best grad school teachers ever, aka my other mother). 

Best part of expo opening, they had free flowing champagne!  They’ve never done that before but I was super excited!  What could be better than walking around with an awesome friend (Shana and her mom were pulled away by others), getting some free counseling swag and sipping some champagne? 


Yeah so we downed the bubbly, bid adieu for the moment and Jess and I hit up Red Lobster because you can’t be in Florida and not eat seafood. I think it’s against Florida law or something.  It was delicious. I ate too much. I’m pretty sure that’s going to be an overarching theme for this weekend is me eating too much. 

Oh and I almost forgot. I got Devon the best souvenir, ever. I mean, there is no better gift you could get for the boyfriend/spouse/SO of a counselor. 

Is that not the best present ever?  Jess got one for her husband, too. We’re trying to see if we can get the boys to wear them together like out to dinner with us one night.  We doubt it, but we can try. 

I’m so excited to give it to him.  He’s scared because he knows I have something for him but I won’t tell him what. Yay! 

But anyway, tomorrow is a long day, always is. But it’s a fun day too.  So I need sleep.  


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