The hair on my head

Like most women, I love my hair.  I love that it’s long, I love that it’s relatively healthy, I love that it’s manageable, I love that I have hair.

Almost no one knows, that for the past year I’ve been battling a private battle with hair loss.  Last Christmas (2013) I started to notice a little thinning of my hair.  It wasn’t bad, but I noticed.  My hairdresser, when I mentioned it, just claimed it was a cowlick and just needs to be retrained.

I’m like, no, dude.  That’s my scalp showing.  Not a cowlick.  I knew that my mother had a little diffuse thinning in her 40’s and 50’s associated with hormonal changes.  But I was 27 years old. Why is my hair thinning?  I noticed a little more shedding than normal.  I noticed more hair loss in the shower.  It freaked me out so much. I started doing everything possible to hide my scalp.  I was embarrassed, so I just hoped it would resolve.

A month later, it was worse.  So I decided to see a dermatologist.  He was an ass.  He basically just said, yup, it happens, use Rogaine and cut down your stress level.

I’M 27 YEARS OLD! There had to be a logical reason why I went from having a thick, full head of hair to barely any at the top of my head.  Telling me to put chemicals on my head for the rest of my life, isn’t going to do much.  I know myself.  I knew something else had to be wrong.  I was stressed, but there had to be more (and let’s be fair, this wasn’t helping the stress level).   Continue reading