New Layout

So, I was really good and didn’t do anything cosmetic to my blog in awhile.

But I genuinely grew to hate the background so I had to change it.

I just wanted something simple and clean and easy to use.  Blogs can get so cluttered by too many colors and too many things that I just wanted something….”plain”.

This layout is cute and easy and keeps your eye on the text where it belongs.  I might play around with a couple other things later but I like this layout a lot better.

So yes, you are still in the right spot.  It just got a facelift.  Nothing else too crazy.

Arya being on Doctor Who is still pretty crazy though.  And awesome.

No, I’m not over that yet.

Doctor Who Meets Game of Thrones

Oh no……

Arya Stark is going to be on Doctor Who.  



I can’t deal.

Arya is my favorite ever.  I don’t care that she looks about 25 playing a 12 year old.



Tennant…….my Tennant……the only Brit I would leave Devon for (I don’t care that he’s married; hell Devon would leave ME for HIM).  Tennant and Arya (yes I know her real name, but she’s Arya to me)……dear god….

My head would explode.



So I just got to interview one of Devon’s current students who wants to go to my school for high school.

It was hilarious.

She and her mother walk in and before they’ve even sat down they see the picture I have of him and I on my desk.  Mom is like “C he looks familiar, don’t you know him?”  And she’s all “OMG THAT’S MR. B! YOU KNOW HIM?!”

I couldn’t tell if she was excited or horrified for a minute.

But I’m like, “yeah, I live with him”.

“That’s crazy! He’s hilarious!  He really likes Doctor Who.”

Trust me…I know.

I also know he’s crazy.

:Dances a jig:


So I come home Friday night and see that none of our Fios is working.  There is no phone line, internet is down and TV won’t connect.

After I sob in a corner in the fetal position; I texted Devon with the alarming “VERIZON IS DEAD!  IT’S DEAD! SO DEAD!” Even in text he couldn’t articulate actual words outside of “huh?” “what?” “why?” and “i’ll be home in 20 minutes”  At least now I know how to get him home with quickness.  He comes home and calls Verizon (just because he knows the Verizon account stuff and I don’t care enough to know it that quickly), they spend like 45 minutes on the phone and the guy is all “I can’t get a signal to your box so I have to send someone out, the soonest is Sunday morning”.

Back to fetal position.

So we haven’t had internet, TV or our landline (cause we use it so much) since whenever Friday.  The guy comes out this morning (and is super annoying but that’s a different story).  Looks around, goes outside.  About 20 minutes later comes back and goes, “….do you ever hear squirrels in the attic/on the roof?”


“Yeah, it looks like one ate through the wire that connects your box to the main line, that’s not the first time I’ve seen that in this neighborhood, there are a lot of squirrels in this neighborhood. Bad news is I can’t fix it and I have to get a contractor out here which could be about a week, good news is I can put a temporary line in to give you your service back until they come out”.

I almost cried.  And might have shed a tear when The Golden Girls reappeared on my TV.

I mean, yes, we have 1001 BluRay’s, but that isn’t TV.  And luckily we have a large data plan on our phones, but that’s not working for all the internet that well.

It also means all that blogging didn’t get done.  Some of it will happen today.

BUT THERE ARE GOOD THINGS THIS WEEK!  Three days before I get to be off for two weeks (working for a Catholic school makes Easter break/Spring Break super long), my favorite snowball stand opens again on Friday and it’s supposed to be a little warmer this week.  So yay!

AND WE SURVIVED THE GREAT OUTAGE OF 2015!  Yes, it was a great outage.  Don’t judge me.

Now I need bacon.  Please excuse me.


If these teachers in this school don’t start parking where they belong….I will riot.  They aren’t supposed to park in our little lot on the side because there are no classrooms here, ergo, they don’t need to be here.  We have a small lot on the side for non-teacher faculty and the staff which, obviously, is where I park.  There is no reason it needs to be full at 7:15am.

On the up side, I get to leave at 12:00 today.  We did a college fair on Tuesday night, which meant Terry (the other counselor) and I were here from like 7:00am-9:30pm.  Because of that she left early yesterday and I’m leaving early today because enough is enough.  So I’ll leave when I’m ready.

I also get to see my good friend Katie from college on Saturday and her cute little baby boy.  So also a yay!

I have so many drafts of blog posts on here.  Some of it is random, some of it I just feel needs to be written somewhere, a couple of them are kind of deep in nature.  But I have like, 10, drafts of things.  I need to publish some of them, I know.  There are one or two that might go forever unpublished because they’re more for me than an audience.  But we’ll see.  Maybe when I go home later I’ll work on finishing out some of them and scheduling them to post.  I also might decide to nap instead, but we’ll see how life goes here.


And no I don’t mean the neon ones from Twilight.  These vampires wear white jackets with the lettering of “Lab Corp” on them.

Dear god.

Three vials of blood drawn this morning (remember, vitamin D and iron deficient) to see where my levels are.  I HAVE LOW IRON!  So yes, I did get very lightheaded by the time they got to the third vial.  And I have tiny veins so it took them like 20 minutes to draw all three vials.  Not to mention they had to stick a needle in me twice because the one vein decided it was done after a vial and a half.

It’s been about a an hour and a half and I’m still a  little woozy. I came to work and ate and had water and an ice pack and all but my head is still a little loopy.

Why must they take so much at once?!?!?!?!

I need a nap, now.

Slow Cooker Pot Roast

So I did forget that I wanted to share the Pot Roast I made for Devon on his birthday.  Yes, I know his birthday was over two weeks ago.  I’ve been busy!

But it was amazeballs.  I sort of randomly did things with it, which turned out really well.  I was looking at Pot Roast recipes on Pinterest and online, but I don’t care if it is in the slow cooker for 8 hours, 1 tsp of pepper isn’t going to season a 2.5lb slab of meat no matter what you do to it.

So I tried out my own spice rub.  So not only was it moist (because slow cooker) but everything was sooooooo flavorful, which it needs.  Badly.  I do admit to going a little heavy on the seasoning, you can adjust for your own palate, but this much food really does need to have a lot of seasoning in it.  It’s going to be so bland alone.

It turned out amazing.  Devon finished it while I was gone last weekend because as we know when Devon takes seconds, he liked it.  And I figured, I can’t go wrong with meat and potatoes for his birthday.


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:yawns and stretches:

So, I got home on Friday night with Burger King in tow……look, don’t judge.  It was a long week, Devon was working late (middle school Game Night on a Friday night…yup)and I totally just wanted to sit and veg in front of the couch watching lame YouTube videos (smart TV with YouTube capabilities FTW) and nom down a Whopper.  So I did.  We’re not gonna talk about the Jack Daniels I added to the diet coke I got with my meal, though.  But it was also nom.  It was so nice, tho.  I put on some comfy pants and a tshirt, and just chilled out in front of the TV for a few hours.  It was glorious.

Yesterday?  More of the same.  I slept for about 12 hours from Friday to Saturday, then I woke up, ate, watched some Roseanne, read a magazine, napped for about 30 minutes, watched Family Feud, Devon made dinner (that I ate), we did a 24 marathon then watched some Chopped and the went back to bed.  Today? Woke up, ate some waffles and bacon, watched some Orphan Black and now watching Devon kill some psychos in Borderlands.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Yeah, so I got Devon into 24.  We’re about a third into the second season.  The first season, I admit, was a little sleeper.  There needed to be back story and a lot of random shit to explain other shit.  Yeah, I know.  But it was kinda meh.  He’s all about the second season, though.  He’s not beginning to understand why he would hear me yelling at the TV in college when it came on, as he was yelling at it last night because Kim is stupid.

He, in return, is having me watch Orphan Black because, me being me, I enjoy TV that screws with your head.  Just when I think it can’t get anymore convoluted, it does and I love it.  It’s great.

It’s become customary to do a big-ish breakfast on Sunday mornings.  I do the bacon and Devon does pancakes or waffles. I heard about this man’s “Signature” waffles for years and it took me moving in with him to finally get them.  Rood.

They are really, really good, though.  This morning he was all “you should do extra bacon since I couldn’t have my Sunday morning breakfast last weekend because SOMEONE had to go to Florida”.  No extra bacon for that.  Moocher.

But yeah, awesome weekend of doing nothing.  It was just what I needed.  It would make me not wanna go back to work tomorrow if it wasn’t a Professional Development Day so it’s not like the kids will be there.  And I only have to be there from 9-2.  I mean I’ll be there until like 9pm on Tuesday, BUT WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT YET!

So……back to lounging.  Toodles.