Mother Nature is fickle.

So apparently Mother Nature took offense to my snickering of her blizzard last weekend and decided to dump about a foot of snow on us this past Saturday.

She’s so funny.

Or not.

But it’s like 50 degrees today. It feels like summer outside. It’s actually supposed to be above freezing temperatures and sunny all week. I’m not sure if my retinas will be able to handle that much light.

I hate snow, so much. I can take the sub zero temperatures and the wind but snow is just gross. It might look pretty for a few minutes but soon it’s just a mess and it’s in the way of everything.

I can’t wait for spring. When it’s warm and sunny when I still need a light scarf and/or jacket but no snow boots or wool coats. When I can actually walk outside without putting five layers on first.

Oh less than three weeks until Florida. Hopefully it’s warmer there when I get there.

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