10 Years of Jungle Fruit.

I have a few groups on Facebook.  Most of them are full of people that I have known for a lot of years.  Because of that sometimes conversations start to lack a little, so someone will throw in a random conversation starter.  One of my groups last night had:

Where were you living 10 years ago? Who were you living with? Where were you working?

Pretty easy answer: I was in Frostburg, MD; living with my freshman year roommate, Jackie and I was a student.

Columbia/Baltimore sort of feels like Frostburg the past week or so given the sub zero temperatures and the :snicker: “blizzard”.

That was back in the day where most people still had dial up/AOL, Facebook was only for college students (in fact, I think 2005 is when Frostburg finally was accepted onto Facebook and I created mine, awwwww) and MySpace Top 8 was the most important thing ever.

Of course we remember our top friend, Tom:

MySpace TomPoor Tom.  I can’t remember whatever happened to him.

But, at the time, MySpace was the best thing ever.  You could customize your profile, friends could leave you comments and there were pictures and all kinds of randomness.

There were also games.  Most of which were just random and mindnumbing.  There was one game I remember playing a lot, I can’t remember if it was sophomore or junior year of college but I played it all the time.  And it was just as mindnumbing but still addicting.  It was called Jungle Fruit.  It looked like this:

Jungle Fruit Tutorial

Jungle Fruit

As you can see, it really wasn’t hard to play, but there was a little thought required if you wanted to pass each level.  Devon and I used to “compete” against each other to see who could get higher scores and actually beat the game more often.

So the “ten years ago” question happened and somehow my brain went to my old MySpace account (which apparently still exists) and then me trying to remember what this game was called.  Luckily my Google-fu is amazing so when I put in “monkey barrel number game” Jungle Fruit was the second hit.  I immediately went to the App Store on my iPad and saw they had it as a free download.  So what do I do?  I totally just clicked the home button on my iPad and forgot about it.

No.  I downloaded it.  And went “OMG DEVON DO YOU REMEMBER THIS?!?!?!”  He did some random sputtering and then did a manic search of Amazon to see if he could download it to his Kindle.  And, of course, they also had it.  Competition time again!!!

Yes, Devon and I have a bit of a competitive nature in our relationship.  We always like to try and out do the other.  It’s not a bad thing, especially when I win.  We’re never mean about it.

We did, totally spend an hour last night trying to see who still had the speed and the ability to get a higher score.  He won on speed, but I was the higher scorer.  Which really means that I won.  Because score beats time, every time.

But seriously, though.  If you need something mind numbing, you should download it.  It’s on App Store, Google Play and Amazon for Kindle.  And can probably be found on other sites for download for PC use.

So if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go back to beating Devon.  All high scores here, baby!!

Valentine’s day and Blizzardmageddon (lol)

So, neither Devon nor I are big Valentine’s Day people.  We aren’t going to make sure that we go to Hallmark a week in advance, buy out the Russell Stover chocolates collection or agonize over dinner reservations.  It’s just not how this works here.  People think I say that because Devon isn’t into it and I’m just “saving face”.  Honestly, it’s never been a huge thing to me.  It means I get to replenish our Hershey’s Kisses supply at $1/bag (because our Christmas stock just depleted and I hate spending $3-$4 a bag for Kisses) and that’s it.  We’re not into the commercialization of telling each other, “I love you”.

“But you two went away for Valentine’s Day last year!”.  Yeah, but it wasn’t necessarily for the holiday.  I’m pretty sure that would have happened regardless of the time of year.  We both just needed a couple days away to relax, veg out, play games, snuggle and recharge.  It really didn’t have anything to do with some national holiday.   Continue reading