I’m going to Disney World!!

No, seriously though.  One month from today (our second Friday the 13th in a row) I will be here:


The gorgeous Hyatt Regency in Orlanda Florida.  Which is so very literally directly across the street from:


Guys…..guys…..so excited.

I mean…I am there to WORK and all, but if you think in the four days I’m there I’m NOT going to Disney World, you have issues.  I go to the American Counseling Association Conference every year.  And the past couple years, they have picked some pretty awesome locations.

Last year, this was my view:

Hawaii 2014

Hawaii 20142That, my friends, is Hawaii.  HAWAII!!  I’VE BEEN TO HAWAII!! I went for 8 days (because Hawaii) and it was GORGEOUS. I will go back one day because I didn’t see nearly enough of it.

But this year is Florida, which is also beautiful.  Next year is Montreal, Canada.  Now, I know I can’t do hot and sunny locales for this every year, but I’ve heard that Montreal is beautiful, too.  Apparenlty, we also have Nashville (which I’m kinda meh about), Atlanta, and New Orleans following up for the next few years.  We’ll be at the Montreal Convention Center next year which is pretty amazing in it’s own right:

Montreal Convention Center

Now, yes I’m at a conference.  Something that usually sounds really boring.  But ACA Conferences are actually, usually, a lot of fun especially now that I know a good amount of people there.  I have two really good friends that go every year, too, and even though the three of us hang out with our menfolk and do dinner and such; this gives us a reason for us girls to have some time without the gents.  And we get to go to Disney World together.  YAY!  Devon’s mad.  I did invite him to join, Mr. I-Don’t-Like-To-Miss-Work.  Which, while commendable, is annoying.

So yeah, while most are freaking over “OMG FRIDAY THE 13TH”  I’m counting down to Florida.  Only 28 days (since I leave on the 11th) until I get to be in the sun!  Woot!!

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