Tumblr Dress


This dress:

Stupid Tumblr Dress

Were people just that bored with the snow day yesterday?

No one knows how their eyes work?

It’s the same with anything we see; it’s all perception and how your eyes see it.  It’s not miraculously two different colors.

Let me just have the Science Teacher explain because he actually did it without expletives like I am more likely to do:

“People keep posting about this damn dress. Here’s the explanation:

It has to do with washing out the rods and cones in our eyes. If you inundate your eyes with white light, you’re going to see the dress as blue and black, because your eyes will lose photosensitivity, kinda like looking at the negative of a photo.
So basically, if you’re looking at the white background of text on the internet before looking at the dress (like most of us would be), you’re going to see a blue and black dress.

For example, when I first looked at the dress, I had been looking at a black screen on my kindle. My eyes weren’t overstimulated by light, so when the dress came up it was white and gold. I scrolled down to look at comments (and seeing a white background throughout), and scrolled up, incredulous that people were seeing a blue dress. But then, sure enough, it looked blue for a few seconds. But it’s only because the parts of my eyes were washed out by the white they had been staring at.”

It’s not that mystical, guys.

Now, this…..THIS, on the other hand, is pretty damn mystical.  Why aren’t we more concerned about this?

Missing House

How do you lose a house?  What kind of weed are you smoking? Seriously?

Boo Hiss


Sing with me!  Maybe Mother Nature will finally listen.

School is closed.  We’re only getting like an inch of snow but ZOMG super over it.

I actually want a full week of work again.  I have so much I need to get done, meetings that have to be rescheduled for the third time, it’s just annoying.


I’m Frosty McBitterpants, yes.  I want it to be warm.  I would even be okay if it was just consistently in the 40’s and sunny.  Give me some sun back!  I miss my outside dose of Vitamin D.

Or give me Orlando.  Two weeks until sunny (hopefully) Florida.  I don’t even care if it’s cool down there and I still need to wear a jacket.  As long as it’s not snowing, I will be so happy.


What kind of snow day doesn’t have bacon for breakfast?  :sigh:  So much fail in Mother Nature.  So much fail.


Devon and I have known each other for 3,987 years.

Okay, maybe not THAT long, but it seems like it.  In the decade we’ve known each other, we’ve always had this weird intuitive sense when it comes to each other’s moods.  I can tell when he’s angry/annoyed/frustrated/etc from across the room without even looking at him and he’s pretty much the same way with me.  We’re also, eerily, both the same when to comes to confronting about it.  If one of us asks the other, “What’s wrong?”, the response is usually “Nothing, I’m fine.”.  It’s not until the asker calls, “bullshit”, that we usually say anything.  Again, twinsies.

But last night, I was just kind of…meh.  I honestly don’t know why.  Genuinely, I don’t know why.  I even had the amazing realization that Chik-Fil-A sells their delicious barbecue sauce by the tub (which I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying now instead of jarred stuff since I could just drink that sauce).  But I just sort of fell into a blech mood.  No one did anything, Devon didn’t say anything weird.  It, literally, was just a mood.  And in this mood, I became very quiet, very subdued and a bit listless.  Even the funny of Match Game barely got a chuckle out of me.

Devon flipped out.  Maybe not literally, but there was a definite and sudden alertness from him when I quieted down. At one point he was either rubbing my back or my cheek/face or playing with my hand every five minutes.  He asked what was wrong and I said “nothing, and before you call bullshit, i legit mean nothing”.  I’m not sure he believed me because if he did he would have stopped with the back rubbing and the snuggliness and all.  But he didn’t.  He even rubbed my back again when we went back to sleep this morning after finding out school was closed again.

I still don’t know why I was so blase last night.  It’s just one of those things.  I’m perfectly fine today.  It is nice to know that I have someone with me who is attentive enough to notice when something is off with me and want to fix it even if it’s nothing or not fixable.

Now I kind of want to re-watch Match Game because apparently Nipsey Russell said something hilarious but I wasn’t feeling it at that moment.  Nipsey was amazing.

Sleeping Positions

I’m trying to figure out when couples sleeping positions became something that needed so much decoding.

So, like, if two people are right side sleepers by nature, it means one doesn’t want to look at the other or something?  It’s called sleeping comfortably people.

There have been a ridiculous amount of articles written about this and plastered all over Facebook.  The one I saw this morning was an article from Cosmopolitan (because we know how right they always are) and it basically contradicted itself half the time.   It, at one point says, something to the effect that couples who sleep back to back are seeking independence.  Then, two sentences later also says that maybe the couple is just doing that so that partners aren’t breathing in each other’s faces which is also pretty likely.  I mean who wants someone’s nasty sleep breath going up their nose while they sleep?

Devon is predominately a right side sleeper.  He rarely deviates from that position so he’s facing the middle of the bed most of the time.  It’s just how he sleeps.  If we slept on opposite sides of the bed, he’d be facing the wall most of the time.  But OMG, that must mean there is conflict!  He wouldn’t be facing me!  Comfort be damned!

I alternate between sleeping on my back and on my right side most of the night.  I rarely ever sleep on my left side (which would be facing Devon) because I’ve almost never slept on my left side and even if I did, he snores.  Don’t want the snoring that close to my face.  When a part of my body becomes restless it changes positions, as most people do.  I don’t turn my back to him (because remember, if I sleep on my side, it’s on my right side, which is also the same side he sleeps on) because he said something horrible about my mother; it’s because my butt is asleep from laying on it for two hours.

We never did the whole “entangled” sleeping thing that apparently “all new couples do”.  No.  There’s not a lot of contact because we both like sleeping in cold environments.  So a lot of close contact (mixed in with our heavy down blanket) would make it hot and neither of us would be able to sleep.  We’re not on opposite sides of the bed or anything, we generally stay in the middle of our King Size bed but that doesn’t mean touching.  My left arm and his right arm usually overlap a bit but that’s about it.  Does that mean we “need independence from each other” or that “we desire distance”?

No.  It means we need to sleep to re-energize ourselves (we do both deal with teenagers all day) and the best way to do that is in the way we are both the most comfortable.

I get the concept of body language and that your body can speak volumes about how you feel about someone.  But sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.  And sleeping is just a physical need to rejuvenate yourself and not a passive aggressive stance toward your partner.  Odds are if it is, there are other signs of issues in your relationship and you don’t really need to look at your sleeping patterns to notice them.  If your relationship is fine, stop reading into things like these articles and don’t create problems where there aren’t any.  Go sleep in a comfortable position.  You’re not harming your relationship by being comfortable.

Stephanie Hates the Snow Part 45632

So we managed to get a two hour delay this morning (both Devon’s and my respective county’s) even though mine had to wait until 5am to call it so I still had to wake up.

But it was a sheet of ice outside.  Devon slipped and fell when he walked down our steps this morning.  I almost slipped in the parking lot of my school because it’s barely plowed.  So much fail due to snow.  So much fail.

Triple facePalm Picard Data WharfAND I have to be at school until 8:30 tonight, so the likelihood of having to drive home in icy conditions is there.  I love ice and snow and everything that comes with winter so much.


Want spring now.

Mother Nature is fickle.

So apparently Mother Nature took offense to my snickering of her blizzard last weekend and decided to dump about a foot of snow on us this past Saturday.

She’s so funny.

Or not.

But it’s like 50 degrees today. It feels like summer outside. It’s actually supposed to be above freezing temperatures and sunny all week. I’m not sure if my retinas will be able to handle that much light.

I hate snow, so much. I can take the sub zero temperatures and the wind but snow is just gross. It might look pretty for a few minutes but soon it’s just a mess and it’s in the way of everything.

I can’t wait for spring. When it’s warm and sunny when I still need a light scarf and/or jacket but no snow boots or wool coats. When I can actually walk outside without putting five layers on first.

Oh less than three weeks until Florida. Hopefully it’s warmer there when I get there.

Screaming Goat

What? Yes, though.

So, there was a Super Bowl commercial for Sprint.  I didn’t realize it was a Super Bowl commercial because it plays pretty regularly on Game Show Network (we love old school Match Game in our house, don’t judge).  It’s very…….unexpected….

It’s also ridiculously hilarious.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s so silent and all the sudden a goat is screaming, or what.  But every time, I die.  Devon dies.  I think he actually hyperventilated at one moment.  It’s so bad.

And Devon being Devon managed to find the original Screaming Goat clip.

But he’s evil.  Not only does he decide to make it his text message notification on his phone (and continues to crack up every time he gets a text) but he’s tormenting me with it.

I woke up around 6am on Monday morning to go to the bathroom, come back to bed, notice that he changed positions (not unusual).  All of the sudden about a minute later, as I’m drifting back off to sleep, I hear a screaming goat behind me.  Mind you, I was half asleep, so I wasn’t entirely sure that’s what I heard so I’m slowly turning my head to look behind me and all the sudden Devon’s head pops up to see what my reaction was and I can see the light from his Kindle under the blanket.

Him popping up startles me so I can’t say anything coherent and he’s laughing like a maniac.  He told me that he queued it up on his Kindle before he went to sleep.  So I’m like, “you were just waiting for me to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?”.  He’s like, “No, I was actually just going to play it in your ear while you were sleeping and see what you would do”.

Evil.  I proceeded to hide his Kindle from him after assaulting him with my pillow (while he’s still laughing crazily).

The commercial itself is hilarious, although half asleep at 6am, it’s mildly terrifying.

I, now, must seek revenge.

Cucumber Lemon Water

basily water bottleI just wanted to point out, that water infused with lemon and cucumber is amazing.

And I hate drinking water.  I mean a lot.  I like flavor in my drinks, preferably in the form of diet coke syrup and aspartame. Yes, I know it’s bad for me.  But I love it.  I hate drinking water because it has little to no flavor and it’s annoying.  And water has to be cold for me to drink it, like ice cold.

But, I’m trying to be better and drink more water.  I saw an awesome deal on these Basily Water Bottles with an Infuser on Amazon, so I thought, well why not.  Maybe if I have flavor in my water, I’ll drink it more.

I started looking online to see what kind of good things I could infuse water with and I saw many places say that not only does cucumber and lemon taste good together, but they are also great for you.  The mix is full of antioxidants, vitamin C and flavinoids, silica and potassium.  So it boosts your immune system, helps to give you energy and get your metabolism moving, aids in digestion by helping purify the liver and even helps your skin (and mine could use some help).

But it also tastes really good.  I really like it.   It has the sweet and tart thing going so the two fruits balance out nicely.  I’m sorry I didn’t bring more water with me (I only filled my bottle once because I didn’t want to over force myself). I also want to try some berry water, maybe some blueberries and strawberries mixed together in there.   That sounds delicious too.

And the Basily water bottle is just pretty.  There are a couple different colors, I have the blue one because I love blue.  And it’s 28oz, so it does hold a lot of water which I’m okay with because it tastes good.  They tell you to shake the bottle once the fruit is in there but I didn’t really shake it and it still is fully flavored.  I guess if you use really juicy fruit like mine was shaking isn’t fully necessary.  Basily also has some other water bottles and products to help you drink healthier on Amazon, most of which are pretty inexpensive.  I haven’t tried any but would be willing to at this point.


*May contain affiliate links.  I have not been compensated in any way for my opinions in this post.

10 Years of Jungle Fruit.

I have a few groups on Facebook.  Most of them are full of people that I have known for a lot of years.  Because of that sometimes conversations start to lack a little, so someone will throw in a random conversation starter.  One of my groups last night had:

Where were you living 10 years ago? Who were you living with? Where were you working?

Pretty easy answer: I was in Frostburg, MD; living with my freshman year roommate, Jackie and I was a student.

Columbia/Baltimore sort of feels like Frostburg the past week or so given the sub zero temperatures and the :snicker: “blizzard”.

That was back in the day where most people still had dial up/AOL, Facebook was only for college students (in fact, I think 2005 is when Frostburg finally was accepted onto Facebook and I created mine, awwwww) and MySpace Top 8 was the most important thing ever.

Of course we remember our top friend, Tom:

MySpace TomPoor Tom.  I can’t remember whatever happened to him.

But, at the time, MySpace was the best thing ever.  You could customize your profile, friends could leave you comments and there were pictures and all kinds of randomness.

There were also games.  Most of which were just random and mindnumbing.  There was one game I remember playing a lot, I can’t remember if it was sophomore or junior year of college but I played it all the time.  And it was just as mindnumbing but still addicting.  It was called Jungle Fruit.  It looked like this:

Jungle Fruit Tutorial

Jungle Fruit

As you can see, it really wasn’t hard to play, but there was a little thought required if you wanted to pass each level.  Devon and I used to “compete” against each other to see who could get higher scores and actually beat the game more often.

So the “ten years ago” question happened and somehow my brain went to my old MySpace account (which apparently still exists) and then me trying to remember what this game was called.  Luckily my Google-fu is amazing so when I put in “monkey barrel number game” Jungle Fruit was the second hit.  I immediately went to the App Store on my iPad and saw they had it as a free download.  So what do I do?  I totally just clicked the home button on my iPad and forgot about it.

No.  I downloaded it.  And went “OMG DEVON DO YOU REMEMBER THIS?!?!?!”  He did some random sputtering and then did a manic search of Amazon to see if he could download it to his Kindle.  And, of course, they also had it.  Competition time again!!!

Yes, Devon and I have a bit of a competitive nature in our relationship.  We always like to try and out do the other.  It’s not a bad thing, especially when I win.  We’re never mean about it.

We did, totally spend an hour last night trying to see who still had the speed and the ability to get a higher score.  He won on speed, but I was the higher scorer.  Which really means that I won.  Because score beats time, every time.

But seriously, though.  If you need something mind numbing, you should download it.  It’s on App Store, Google Play and Amazon for Kindle.  And can probably be found on other sites for download for PC use.

So if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go back to beating Devon.  All high scores here, baby!!

Valentine’s day and Blizzardmageddon (lol)

So, neither Devon nor I are big Valentine’s Day people.  We aren’t going to make sure that we go to Hallmark a week in advance, buy out the Russell Stover chocolates collection or agonize over dinner reservations.  It’s just not how this works here.  People think I say that because Devon isn’t into it and I’m just “saving face”.  Honestly, it’s never been a huge thing to me.  It means I get to replenish our Hershey’s Kisses supply at $1/bag (because our Christmas stock just depleted and I hate spending $3-$4 a bag for Kisses) and that’s it.  We’re not into the commercialization of telling each other, “I love you”.

“But you two went away for Valentine’s Day last year!”.  Yeah, but it wasn’t necessarily for the holiday.  I’m pretty sure that would have happened regardless of the time of year.  We both just needed a couple days away to relax, veg out, play games, snuggle and recharge.  It really didn’t have anything to do with some national holiday.   Continue reading