Friday nights

Friday nights are my most favorite time of the week. It’s a glorious time. I (and all my coworkers) run out of the door as fast as the kids do. I actually think were more excited than the kids are most of the time.

Now, I don’t do anything “overly exciting” on Friday nights. In fact this meme pretty much sums up my end of the work week.


I mean, I do have feet, though. I don’t know about the character on the right, she seems a bit foot-less.

But there is nothing better than coming home after a long and rough week; getting into some super soft and comfy PJs, popping in a movie, having a drink, nomming a snack and enjoying some quiet time.

You couldn’t pay me to go out and party and whatnot. It’s just not me. I enjoy the quiet and relaxation of being home with Devon and my little girl cat and just hanging out. Besides, it’s cold outside. Me no likey.

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